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Avelux, Stedi and Lazer

Three brands of LED products, they are all "top notch" in each price range.

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From a brilliant idea, careful planning and keen research - to an adventure filled with brighter experiences and safer drive. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner, an experienced light fan or an incurable epicurean who just longs for the perfect light. We are passionate about helping you on the right track into a brighter future. With high quality products from leading manufacturers, informative article texts and dedicated employees, we are with you all the way from start to finish destination.

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Driving lights for everyone - choose from 9 different brands in our webshop

At Extraljuskungen.com you will find auxiliary lights for all types of vehicles and for all areas of use. Avelux Summit Pro is available in two sizes, 180 and 225 mm, and is a Swedish-designed spotlight with high quality and performance. Avelux Summit Pro has position lights in white or amber and is by far our most popular additional light. Stedi have with their spotlights in the Type-X series, shown that they are leading the way in both design and performance. Stedi has built a strong position on the Nordic market by offering high-quality products at reasonable prices. Lazer has a series of high-performance spotlights with advanced LED technology that are manufactured with the highest quality and designed to provide the best possible light effect, whether you are driving on country roads or in the forest. They have a robust construction and are built to withstand tough environments and Nordic weather conditions. Need to see better at work? Yes, then we also have a large range of work lighting! And if you are in that business, you especially need to be seen well by other road users, flashing lights from small slimy ones to large warning light bars are available! If you are unsure about your choice of auxiliary light, you are always welcome to contact our customer service by phone or email for advice and tips before your purchase.